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Mojo's Beads was formed for one reason... To offer the most authentic, true to original replica necklaces available anywhere. I strive for this goal because there was once a time when this amount of high quality and attention to detail was not available.

One day while viewing the Joel Brodsky photo shoot poster I started admiring Jim's necklace. Being a fan that truly love Jim's music and poetry, I wanted the necklace, so naturally I went online to find it. The necklaces that I found were different from one another. The patterns, beads and length varied. How could there be different versions when there was only one version of the beaded necklace during that photo shoot? I decided to find out through the source, Henry Diltz, the creator of the necklace, what the exact pattern was of this necklace and what it meant. Based off that I began making the necklace. Since that day I of course was not first to recreate the necklace, however first ever to faithfully replicate it, concentrating on every minor detail.

Mojo's Beads takes great pride and care in its products, and have been satisfying customers in every corner of the world for years with my faithful reproductions. I have sold thousands of Jimbo necklaces alone, and have become the leader of the Jim Morrison Cobra/Young Lion necklace.

I also specialize in other artists jewelry, such as Davy Jones' necklace. That was the necklace that kick-started the 60's love bead necklace craze. Also Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant.

I love what I do, put a high level of pride and care into my work, and it truly shows. Mojo's Beads offers a great variety of replica love bead necklaces, such as Doors The Movie, Wood & Brass, Robert Plant, and Davy Jones Dreamy.

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Have a question, need a custom length or pattern that you want me to make? Need help with the knot? I'll get back with you usually within a day. Use the icons below:

Jim's necklace was made in the fall of 1967. Henry Diltz, a photographer and bead maker, was approached by Gloria Stavers, editor in chief of 16 Magazine. Gloria was a friend of Jim's and they were involved romantically. She requested to have a necklace made for Jim. She described Jim as earthy (brown and green)spiritual (white) and mysterious (black).

Jim wore the necklace during his famous Young Lion Photo Shoot by Joel Brodsky in September 1967.

It's also referred to as his American Poet necklace and Cobra necklace (although the necklace is not based on the pattern of a snake).

Also, Jim's necklace did not contain blue beads, a rumor that I have seen on many bead maker's pages. They are making this assumption based off of the photo, and NOT based off of the source. Please see my blog for a discussion regarding this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beads - I use the same high quality glass Czech beads that Henry Diltz used, resulting in a beautiful and accurate product. Please view the image below to view the bead size difference of the smaller (original sized beads) versus the larger (currently popular) beads.

Cord - The cord that I use is the most important part of the necklace. If too thick, the knot will not be tight enough and will come loose over time. If too thin, there's a chance of it breaking. I use 0.5mm C-LON nylon cord that has a breaking strength of 35 lbs. This is extremely strong for a necklace as the average breaking strength of fishing line is only 20 lbs. When knotting a cord of this thickness, you get a nice, clean, tight knot that will never come loose, while at the same time incredibly strong. Also it does not stretch over time as other materials can.

ShippingI ship out orders extremely fast, within 24 hours or less. Tracking numbers are not included. If you would like tracking, please contact me before placing your order.

Why Mojo's Beads - The combination of the highest quality Czech beads, C-LON nylon cord, super fast shipping, fantastic customer service, and the great level of passion that I put into my products equates to the best quality and most authentic product available anywhere in the world.

Above: Jack Russell of the band Great White wearing my Robert Plant necklace.

I was told that since I sent it to him, he hasn't taken it off  :)