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Doors The Movie Necklace


Available from Mojo's Beads is a replica of the love bead necklace worn by Val Kilmer during the 1991 movie The Doors. This is not the pattern that Jim Morrison actually wore. The movie changed the colors and pattern of Jim's necklace.

I make these myself with a high level of pride and care, using a very strong nylon cord made for bead making (C-Lon 0.5mm), and the highest quality Czech beads (the same type that Henry Diltz used to make the original Jimbo necklace in 1967).

** As of 2017-04-28 I can make an "exact replica" of this necklace, using the same size beads that were used in the movie, as opposed to the slightly larger beads that everyone likes. If interested please contact me **

As of 2012-09-29 there is no one (eBay, google, stores, rock 'n roll memorabilia shops, etc) that has the correct pattern for this Doors The Movie necklace. What I've seen everyone doing is making Jim's original necklace and replacing the green beads with red ones. This is incorrect. This correct version is another Mojo's Beads first....

As with all my necklaces, it's made with the highest quality Czech beads and a very strong nylon cord made for bead making (C-Lon 0.5mm). The length is approximately 30" (or longer), custom lengths available, email me with inquiries. The ends are not tied purposely, so that you can shorten it if you like, and/or add a clasp (I personally just tie a surgeon's knot. It's very easy and incredibly strong. A clasp will break the pattern of the necklace. I can definitely add a clasp if you like, however I do not recommend this at all). The necklace will come tied with a temporary knot.


Frequently Asked Questions :

Beads - This necklace is made with the same bead type that were used on the necklace that Val Kilmer wore, although slightly larger. They are the highest quality glass Czech beads available.

Cord - The cord that I use is the most important part of the necklace. If too thick, the knot will not be tight enough and will come loose over time. If too thin, there's a chance of it breaking. I use 0.5mm C-LON cord that has a breaking strength of 35 lbs. This is extremely strong for a necklace as the average breaking strength of fishing line is only 20 lbs. When knotting a cord of this thickness, you get a nice, clean, tight knot that will never come loose, while at the same time incredibly strong. Cords thicker than this will not knot tight enough. Also it does not stretch over time as other materials can.

Shipping - I ship out orders extremely fast, within 24 hours or less. Tracking numbers are not included. If you would like tracking, please contact me before you make your purchase.

Why Mojo's Beads - The combination of the highest quality Czech beads, 0.5mm C-LON nylon cord, super fast shipping, fantastic customer service, and the great level of passion that I put into my products equates to the best quality product available anywhere worldwide.

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