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Jimbo Wood & Brass Bead Necklace Authentic Replica


This is an exact replica of a love bead necklace that Jim Morrison once wore in his lifetime as depicted in the picture. To the best of my knowledge this design has never been available in the past. As of 2012-12-21, Mojo's Beads has come through yet again with an incredible original design of a necklace worn by the one and only Jim Morrison (eBay item # 261145307924, listed on 2012-12-21). I am immensely proud to be  the first time recreator of a necklace that Jim once wore around his neck decades ago.

The length is 27.5 inches. Custom lengths available (shorter or longer), email me with inquiries BEFORE purchasing. The ends are not tied with a permanent knot so that you can customize the length. I personally just tie a surgeon's knot. It's very easy to do and incredibly strong. The necklace will come tied with a temporary knot. If you would like me to tie a permanent knot please message me to do so during the purchase (do not wait to message me with instructions/inquiries as I often fill and ship my orders very fast, often within twenty minutes after I receive the order!).

Just like most of my other designs, I'm using C-Lon 0.5mm cord. This cord is intended for bead making and is extremely strong.

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