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Mojo's Rasta Necklace


Available from Mojo's Beads as of 2013-05-21. A Rasta inspiried love bead necklace. Dark and beautiful with it's bright and inspirational colors. Black representing Africa. Green representing the Earth. Yellow (gold) representing treasures and riches in the world that we cherish. Red representing blood of all living things.

I only use the highest quality Czech beads mixed, strong 0.5 mm C-LON nylong cord, and one hundred percent faith in my products, resulting in the winning combination that makes Mojo's Beads the best.

The length is approximately 30" (or longer), custom lengths available, email me with inquiries. The ends are not tied purposely, so that you can shorten it if you like, and/or add a clasp (I personally just tie a surgeon's knot. It's easy to do and incredibly strong. A clasp will break the pattern of the necklace. I can definitely add a clasp if you like, however I do not recommend it at all). The necklace will come tied with a temporary knot.

Tracking numbers are not included. If you would like tracking, please contact me before you make your purchase.

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