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Kurt Cobain / Nirvana Inspired Bead Necklace "Red And Black Sweater"


Mojo's Beads has been wanting to make something that represented one of the most powerful bands of the 90s, Nirvana. Kurt Cobain's songs were strong, meaningful, and very moving. Like Jim Morrison, he sang from his heart. Kurt didn't wear beads, or any piece of jewelry on a regular basis. So I created a Nirvana inspired design, based off of Kurt's red and black sweater. After making this necklace I realized that regardless if it represents Kurt or not, it's an awesome design and came out beautiful. Black, red with orange accents, they blend very nicely together.

I make these myself with a high level of pride and care, using a very strong nylon cord made for bead making (C-Lon 0.5mm), and the highest quality Czech beads, resulting in a beautiful product.

The length is approximately 30". Custom lengths available (shorter or longer), email me with inquiries. The ends are not tied purposely, so that you can personalize and shorten it if you like. I recommend tying a surgeon's knot. It's very easy to do and incredibly strong. The necklace will come tied with a temporary knot. I have a YouTube video on how to tie a surgeon's knot.

Tracking numbers are not included. If you would like tracking, please contact me before you make your purchase .

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