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Jimbo Young Lion - Jim Morrison / the Doors 1967 Cobra Bead Necklace Exact Replica


* My necklaces by default have a temporary knot, NOT a permanent knot. Please see more detail regarding this in the description below *

Available from Mojo's Beads is the necklace design that Jim Morrison wore including not only the exact bead style and colors , but also the exact bead size and cord color .

The pattern, colors, and now with this design, bead size and cord color (white), that I use are original to what Jim wore around his neck. I have had countless requests to make this specific design. While everyone is always so happy with the slightly larger beads and black cord in my "Jimbo", I always strive to keep it one hundred percent true to original. So here I present the Mojo's Beads "Jimbo Young Lion" necklace .

This necklace was created by Doors photographer Henry Diltz , who was approached by a friend of Jim's, Gloria Stavers in the fall of 1967 to have a necklace made for him. She described Jim as earthy (brown and green), spiritual (white) and mysterious (black). So that's how this necklace was formed .

I make these myself with a high level of pride and care, using strong C-LON nylon cord made for bead making, and the highest quality Czech beads (with this design using the same size that Henry Diltz used). Also with this Jimbo Young Lion design, I am using white cord, as that is the color that was used to make Jim's necklace. All of these factors equates to a beautiful and completely accurate replication of Jim's necklace :)

The length is approximately 30" (plus or minus one inch). Custom lengths available (shorter or longer), email me with inquiries BEFORE purchasing. The ends are not tied with a permanent knot so that you can customize the length. I personally just tie a surgeon's knot. It's very easy to do and incredibly strong. The necklace will come tied with a temporary knot. If you would like me to tie a permanent knot please message me to do so during the purchase (do not wait to message me with instructions/inquiries as I often fill and ship my orders very fast, often within twenty minutes after I receive the order!).

The very first Mojo's Beads Jimbo Young Lion necklace that I made available was eBay auction # 262957717487 on 2017-04-28. Unfortunately I have to note this information, as other bead makers will undoubtedly copy the design (bead type, colors, bead size and cord color) and pass it off as their own. I've seen a seller stating that the larger beads are the size that were used to make Jim's necklace. That is one hundred percent false. You can simply count the sections on Jim's necklace, and then count the sections on a necklace using the larger beads. Jim's necklace had approximately 18 sections to it. When using larger beads, although it is a very beautiful outcome, you only get 13 sections. You saw it here first once again, Mojo's Beads, where exact detail is always priority. I hope you love this design as much as I do. I am very proud , and honored , to make it.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Beads - I use the same high quality glass Czech beads that Henry Diltz used, resulting in a beautiful finished product. The beads that I use in this design are not only the same type of beads and color, but also the same size as the necklace that Jim wore.

Cord - The cord that I use is the most important part of the necklace. If too thick, the knot will not be tight enough and will come loose over time. If too thin, there's a chance of it breaking. I use a specific sized C-LON cord that has a breaking strength stronger than fishing line. When knotting a cord of this thickness, you get a nice, clean, tight knot that will never come loose, while at the same time incredibly strong. Cords thicker than this will not knot tight enough. Also it does not stretch over time as other materials can. In this design I am using white colored cord, as that was the same color that was used to make Jim's necklace.

Shipping - I ship out orders extremely fast, within 24 hours or less.

Why Mojo's Beads - The combination of the highest quality Czech beads, C-LON brand cord, super fast shipping, incredible customer service, and the great level of passion that I put into my products equates to the best quality product available anywhere worldwide.

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